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Bhari Industrial Promoters

Promoted in 1964 by our chairman and managed by one of his son Ashraf Buhari for Property management, Retail operations, Plantations, Civil contractors and property developers . We manage about 62 prime properties in Chennai and Bangalore, More than 2.6 lac sq,ft , built up area for rental and maintenance Retail operations consisting of BPCL selling aroung 4000 kilo ltrs of petrol and 3000 kilo ltrs of diesel per anum, Having the In and out retail bazaars. Managing 265 acres of coffee estate at madikery coorg – cultivation Arabica and Robusta,



Civil Contractors and Property Developers

Undertakes commercial buildings and residential projects

Completed construction of commercial Complexes, indipendent and unique bungalows at Chennai.


Property management

More than 2.6 lac sq.ft . , built up area for rental and maintenance

Managing around 62 prime properties in cities of Chennai anf Bangalore



Retail Operation

Operating a BPCL retail outlet having a turn over of Rs. 24 Crores -selling 4000 Kilos Litres of petroleum and 3000 kilo Litres of Diesel per annum

3rd highest selling retail outlet in Chennai

Runs the highest selling outlet ' In and Out' retail Bazaar



Managing 265 acres of coffee estate at Madikery , Coorg - Cultivating Arabica and Robusta

It also cultivates Pepper, Cardamom, Vanilla and Banana

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