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Leadership with Compassion

Buhari Syed Abdur Rahman aka BSA Rahman aka ‘sena Aana’, our founder, is revered internationally for his strong ethical and moral values, compassion for society and leadership.

Under his stewardship Buhari group and its associates now span the globe into diversified fields like property and construction, engineering, materials, services, energy, shipping, retailing and trading with a combined workforce exceeding 100,000 people worldwide.

Our founder’s initiative for education and social activities have flourished from a modest one school with 50 students in 1968 to several institutions that includes BS Abdur Rahman University, crescent schools and colleges, TBAK College for women, and various other institutions over the period.  Seethakathi Trust and All India Islamic Foundations has been nurtured passionately and ambitiously by him for this task.

Mr.B.S.Abdur Rahman founded the Seethakathi Trust, an organisation that runs several schools, orphanages and educational institutions in rural and urban Tamil Nadu, India.
In recognition of his yeoman service to the industry and the community, BS Abdur Rahman has been awarded several titles in domestic and global forums. As the Founder and Executive Chairman of ETA-ASCON, a USD 6 billion organisation headquartered in Dubai, offices in 28 countries and employs over 60,000 people he has helped infuse a global perspective to the functioning of the associate companies.
The values that he has laid down continue to steer the group to higher goals; and help unify the entities through a core thread of principles

Every Buhari company or enterprise operates independently. Each of these companies has its own board of directors and shareholders, to whom it is answerable


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